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(016792) Ford 7840 - 1993

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1993 Ford 7840 4wd 1993 Ford 7840 4wd 1993 Ford 7840 4wd 1993 Ford 7840 4wd 1993 Ford 7840 4wd
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More Information:

Reg No:
Serial No: BD56961
Engine No: 418576
Unit No: 3J13B
Other No: 709/ST
Colour: Blue
Prev Owners: 0
Date Of Reg: 00/00/0000
Stock No: 016792
Year: 1993
Make: Ford
Model: 7840
Cab Type: Standard
Drive: 4wd
Hours: 0
BHP: 100
Gearbox Type: S L Dual Power
Forward Gears: 12
Reverse Gears: 12
Road Speed:
Dash Type: Digital
Air Conditioning: No
Front Weight Block: No
Front Weights: No
Spool Valves: Two double
Trailer Breaks: Yes
Assistor Rams: One
Draw Bar: No
Pickup Hitch: Yes
Front Mud Guards: Yes

Front Tyres:

Size: 14.9 / 13 R 24
Left Make: Pirelli
Left Condition: 5%
Right Make: Pirelli
Right Condition: 5%

Rear Tyres:

Size: 420 / 85 R 38
Left Make: Continental
Left Condition: 30%
Right Make: Continental
Right Condition: 30%
Cab Internal: Fair
Cab External: Fair
Seat: Worn
Metal And Panels: Good
Paintwork: Fair
Mechanical: Fair


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